About Placenta Encapsulation

What does encapsulation mean? Encapsulate means to put into pill form. Your placenta will be prepared, dehydrated and then ground to a powder and put into vegetarian capsules. The average number of capsules a placenta will make is between 100-200.

What is the Placenta? The placenta is a disposable organ attached to the inside of your uterus during pregnancy. It has two sides, the “mother side” and “baby side”. The mother’s side is attached to the wall of her uterus and appears bumpy and knobby. The baby side has the umbilical cord attached and is smooth. The placenta is a product of conception and is formed when your baby is formed. It is flat, circular, dark maroon and weighs about a pound. Placenta is the Latin word for “cake” and is delivered after the baby.

 What does the Placenta do? The placenta is truly awesome! It is such a miracle that the pregnant woman’s body grows an entirely new organ to support her and baby! It is responsible for feeding, nourishing, and protecting baby while it is in utero, it is also a comforting womb-mate for the baby who listens to the whoooshing sound of blood passing through it. The placenta also produces many hormones essential to a healthy pregnancy, mom, and baby. These hormones, along with nutrients from mothers body, are passed on to the baby via a very complicated transfer system.

What dose should I take? Since I am not a Doctor, Nurse or pharmacist I do not prescribe medicine. When you receive your pills you will get a dosage guideline of what has worked for women in the past. You are free to adjust the amount taken as you wish.

Does everyone have the same results? Are there any risks or side effects? Placentophagia never provides a guarantee and cannot be used to prevent or treat any conditions. The FDA currently has no regulation on the practice. Those who have this service provided for them take the capsules based on their own research and beliefs and understand the potential of the placenta may not be the same for everyone. The only risks are similar to that of dining out at a restaurant and having someone else prepare food for you. My position is to act as a personal chef in preparing your placenta for your chosen consumption. Dosage can always be adjusted or pills discontinued if you are having undesired effects.

Things to Remember:

  1. Talk to your caregiver and make sure they understand you will be using your placenta for consumption and that it is not to be disposed of or contaminated. Write this in your birth plan and have your caregiver sign the waiver that I have provided.
  2. After you have delivered your placenta and your caregiver has had a chance to inspect it, it should immediately be placed in a large ziplock bag labeled with your information to avoid it being lost, contaminated or forgotten, and refrigerated or placed in a cooler on ice.
  3. Take the placenta home and put it in the refrigerator ASAP, I will come to your home and pick it up as I am able.
  4. You will receive your capsules within 1-2 days after pick-up.


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